List of Collaborative Studies

S.No. Name of Study Year of Study
1 Characterization of Vero cell line 1988
2 Proficiency Test of Measles Vaccine 1990
3 Proficiency Test of Measles, OPV and Yellow Fever Vaccine 1995
4 Proficiency Test of Measles, OPV, Yellow Fever and DTP Vaccine 1996
5 Proficiency Study of Whole Cell Pertussis Vaccine 1999
6 Proficiency Test of OPV Vaccine 2001-2003
7 Calibration of OPV replacement standard 2003-2004
8 Calibration of 4TH IRS (Candidate) of Pertussis Vaccine 2005
9 Calibration of WHO Reference Standard of Anti-Polio Serum 2005
10 Collaborative Study of Proposed Regional Working Reference Standard for Pertussis (RWRS) 2008
11 Collaborative Study of Candidate International Reference Standard for Diphtheria 2008
12 Collaborative Study of Candidate International Reference Standard for Tetanus Toxoid Absorbed 2009
13 Development of Regional Working Reference Standard (RWRS) for mOPV Type 1 for South East and West Pacific Asia. 2011
14 To access the performance of testing laboratory for OPV (bOPV Type 1 &3) sample at -20C and after two days at 370C 2011-2012
15 WHO International Collaborative Study of Typhoid to evaluate Anti-Vi Polysaccharide Ig G (Human) as a Candidate International Reference Standard 2013
16 International collaborative study-Diphtheria Toxoid for use in Flocculation test-CS509 2014
17 Calibration of an International Standard for Tetanus Toxoid for use in Flocculation test 2018
18 Collaborative study for the Establishment of National Reference Standards for bOPV Type 1&3 2018
19 Collaborative study to calibrate proposed National Reference Standard of Snake Venom(Cobra Venom,Krait Venom, Russell Venom & Echinus Venom) 2018
20 Collaborative study for the Validation of Polio Antiserum Type 1&3 2019
21 Collaborative study of National Reference Standard for Rabies Vaccine 2020
22 Calibration study on Proposed National Reference Standard of whole cell pertussis component for potency estimation 2019-2020
23 1st WHO reference reagent Tatanus Antitoxin for use in Flocculation Test. Feb 2022
24 Collaborative study for Evaluation of material for 2nd Men C International Standard. June 2022