Tentative Timeline for Lot Release

Sr No. Type of tests /parameter Tentative time line
1 On protocol scruitny(Single Antigen) 21 days
2 On protocol scruitny(Multiple Antigen) 28 days
3 On Partial testing 30 days
4 On complete testing(In-Vitro) 30 days
5 On complete testing(In-Vivo) 90 days
6 Assessment of Experimental/Consistency Batches 90 days
7 Assessment of AEFI/FIELD/LEGAL Samples(In-Vivo) 90 days
8 Assessment of AEFI/FIELD/LEGAL Samples(In-Vitro) 30 days
Note : Above time lines are from the date of last communication with the sample sender. In case the report is not received in the said timelines manufacturer may contact the Director / Officer-in-Charge for the reason in delay.